Historical Timeline of Music Videos


1927-Mammy- Al Jolson : This was the first film to sync audio and image. This meant that for the first time you could actually see a music performance that wasn’t live.

1930-Crying for Caroline-Spooney Melody : The first music video to introduce the concept of short-films mixing live-action footage of the performer.

1958- Le poinconner des Lilas -Scopitone :This music video used the gadget called Scopitone was created so that you could watch music videos outside a movie theatre .

1965 – We Can Work it Out -The Beatles :The first music video to broadcast on television.

1974 – Bohemian Rhapsody -Queen:
This song is widely credited as the first global hit single for which an accompanying video was central to the marketing strategy.

1980 – Ashes to Ashes -David Bowie:
The most expensive music video made until then.
1983 – Thriller (Michael Jackson)
Premiered worldwide on MTV, Michael Jackson and John Landis bring back the idea of blending films with music video .

1994 – Sabotage -Beastie Boys:
This music video was a low budget idea of going around LA in a van shooting a music video without any license. The result is one of the most iconic music videos from the 90s in a throwback to the traditional cop American television series.

1997 – ElektroBank /The Chemical Brothers:
If one video clip was to sum-up the intermingling between Jonze’s influences and main themes this would be it–the perfect american imagery boiled-up with the body movement as a form of liberation.
1999 – Praise You -Fatboy Slim:
The body movement as the main vehicle of expression! Jonze literally cuts to the basic putting himself in front of the camera together with the invented Torrance Community Dance Group.

In the 1930s the Spooney Melodey series  introduced the concept of short-films mixed in with live-action footage of the performer. So now you didn’t actually need to see a full feature performance  to here music and sound, you could see the performer playing in quick segments of a music. In 1958 a gadget called Scopitone was created so that you could watch music videos outside a movie theatre , it was the invented by  Serge Gainsbourg .The Scopitone was a jukebox that played 16mm film synced with audio  and ended up being  the rage of the 60s. In the late 60s and early 70s film technology and 16mm was getting cheaper and more accessible whilst television broadcasting and celebrity culture was rising , this meant that artist used these things to promote their music. The first music video that was broadcasted on television was in 1965 and was We Can Work It Out by The Beatles, they broadcasted the music video to promote their music to a more international audience without having to travel to other countries. In the 1980s   David bowie’s Ashes to Ashes was the most expensive music video made at the time.


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